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M3 Air Wellness System


HEALTHY AIR to live and work in: our system kills airborne pathogens upon contact. It also bonds to minute non-volatile particulate in the air such as pollen, dust increasing their mass so they can be captured by an HVAC filter. 

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Made in the USA

The product is Certified Organic, Non GMO, Alcohol free, chemical, drug free, soluble, non toxic. Our solution is the safest airborne antipathogenic solution. Efficacy against airborne pathogens it comes in contact with at a rate of 99.95% +.  Effective against a wide variety of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and yeasts.  Clinical testing includes  MICROBAC Laboratories, a CDC approved testing Lab.



Made in the USA

Delivers burst of our Organic solution every hour, for continous 24 hr protection within buildings, schools, ships, casinos, etc.  By delivering our patented solution in minute particles, the system executes the killing of Pathogens when Pathogens are airborne by way of the Brownian Motion effect..  Installs to an HVAC system witihin 45 minutes.

Dr. Arthur Martin

Dr. Arthur Martin PhD, the scientist behind the technology, has a 35 plus year in it's development. Dr. Martin, considered one of the world' leading experts on control of pathogenic bioaerosols in buildings/structures of very design, function and geographic location. Dr. Martin Is a former nominee for the prestigious "Kochon Prize", awarded by The World Health Organization. Nominated for a "Nobel Prize" as it relates to his M3 Device & Path-Away product, in its application towards Covid19 & airborne pathogens. The M3 system Delivery Module utilizes a patented system of dispersing an organic based anti-pathogenic product.



Path-Away’s® is certified organic input.

Binding agent is an FDA approved food grade glycerin.

Path-Away® is Certified Organic Input since 2014 with BioGro of New Zealand. BioGro is a licensed, international organic certifying partner of the USDA.


All Path-Away® products have been tested and certified effective in a USA CDC approved laboratory under Strict EPA testing protocols.

Path-Away® is currently EXEMPT from EPA registration under the EPA statute FIFRA 25(b) because it is so innately safe. This is verified by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, which is an arm of the California EPA. FIFRA 25(b) exemption, is on our "Science" page.  The document attached includes the letter from the California DPR/EPA, as well as the Organic Certification which includes the countries & territories in which it shares reciprocity.